PROTEC GROUP born in Ciudad Victoria, for the need of security in that sector of the society; Reaching immediately to be one of the consolidated companies, having a significant growth, that allowed us to be at the forefront in security services in the state. It is also an important source of employment in our localities.

  • Home
    The best protection to protect your family and your assets, We offer a wide variety of options in burglar alarms or intruder for your home, residence or apartment.

  • Office
    As main objective when installing a Security System is to avoid a possible robbery, assault or intrusion to a property and protect the assets of your office.

  • Local Business
    Business alarms are specially designed to protect commercial or industrial installations with either the wire or wireless system, panic button and the most modern intrusion detection systems.
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    people guarded
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    homes protected
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    events covered

2016 The Best Security Agency!!

In Protec Group we are proud of our employees who have worked and continue to work with his human qualities, with that positive feeling that without them it would have been impossible to reach far we have come, despite all adversities in our way have been presented.


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    Interesting with the objective of locating the areas of opportunity where systems can be applied that achieve the objective of minimizing risks that may endanger the values ??of the company or of a specific area, that what is invested in security is necessary, avoiding Innecesary expenses.
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    CCTV has become the great watcher who cares for, prevents and records a large number of unlawful acts. The CCTV industry has grown disproportionately since the events of September 11, and demand has not yet been reached.
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    Advanced solutions for the detection of weapons and protection of their assets. Contrary to what you may think, an Access Control System, produces a safety environment in your workplace.
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    Highly trained personnel in the functions of patrol, access control, selected according to the needs of the client and supported with a bond of fidelity and civil responsibility. The surveillance service is provided in any part of Tamaulipas.
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    We have the newest systems in the market, carefully designed to meet the most demanding needs of the residential and commercial market; As well as innovative alarm systems for large-scale industrial applications.
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  • Automation
    "Control your entire home"
    You can stay connected and having full control of your home or business, Whenever and wherever you are. Control your security system, receive Real-time alerts and the current status of your system.
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  • Advice and consultancy
    We are focused on delivering a comprehensive consulting service that counts with the necessary know-how to analyze, support, solve and implement solutions tending to improve the services and products of our Clients. Advising them in the areas of
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  • GPS
    Soluciones de rastreo vehicular vía GPS, puedes rastrear tu coche por medio de tu Smartphone, en caso de robo el sistema bloquea el coche y es imposible prenderlo, hasta ser desbloqueado.
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In 1998 we started splitting alarm systems division is now an important complement to offer / provide comprehensive security services, managing to cover most needs of an important sector of society who find in one company a variety of products and service. Our active participation in society during these years gives us the seriousness and professionalism that characterizes us; Protec Group to see with the seriousness it must have to comply with our obligations to tax authorities, we believe we have been a support for the country with our bit.

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