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"Control your entire home"

You can stay connected by having full control of your home or business, Whenever and wherever you are. Control your security system, receive Real-time alerts and the current status of your system.

SECURITY - Can arm and disarm using the "Quick Arm" function or Through the virtual keyboard interface. The virtual keyboard provides information Detailed of the area. You can select filters located to the left such as Alarms, problems, etc. To see the specific conditions of the area.

    You can ignore or not include zones and clear problems
    Can display multiple zone faults
    It functions as the keypad of your security system
    Control system partitions

ELECTRONICS - allows the control of door locks, lights, plugs, Blinds and thermostats from your Smartphone by means of total connect.

NOTIFICATIONS: can be used when you want to be informed at the moment Alarm or a particular room, or another type of Condition within the facility. When an Open Sensor condition Occurs, each member of the "default group" will be notified.