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Satisfying the security needs defined by agreement between user and supplier, with services and products of excellence, minimizing risks and losses for our clients, working with professionalism, responsibility, honesty, confidentiality and fair competition, satisfaction that only working as a team Which is the basis of our company and with committed customers can be achieved.


To be a company with a solid organizational structure that provides well-being for its employees, customers and suppliers. Consolidating the regional leadership of our company, and in this way sustaining growth and improvements in our company, reflecting confidence and professionalism in our products and services.




RESPONSIBILITY. With a high sense of responsibility.

LEADERSHIP. Innovating in the activities that we carry out being always at the forefront

SERVICES. All our resources available to our customers and society.

INTEGRITY. We declare respect for the people and organizations with whom we have relationships, also valuing our staff that is the most important for us.

HONESTY. With our customers, suppliers and authorities.


PROTECT GROUP was born under the name of SEGURIDAD ESPECIAL PROTEC S.A. DE C.V. On December 14th, 1992 in Tamaulipas, Mexico. In 1995 the roules that regulates the companies that provide the private security service, forces us to eliminate the word of "SEGURIDAD" of our company name, that is why the change of our name.
PROTEC GROUP born in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, for the need of security in that sector of the society; Reaching immediately to be one of the consolidated companies, having a significant growth, that allowed us to be at the forefront in security services in the state.
It is also an important source of employment in our localities. In 1998 we started splitting alarm systems division is now an important complement to offer / provide comprehensive security services, managing to cover most needs of an important sector of society who find in one company a variety of products and service. Our active participation in society during these years gives us the seriousness and professionalism that characterizes us; Protec Group to see with the seriousness it must have to comply with our obligations to tax authorities, we believe we have been a support for the country with our bit. The commitment contracted with our customers, our employees, our suppliers always state in the first place. In Protec Group we are proud of our employees who have worked and continue to work with his human qualities, with that positive feeling that without them it would have been impossible to reach far we have come, despite all adversities in our way have been presented.